Grace Notes on the Saxophone

Here's everything you need to know about grace notes on the saxophone.

Today we are going to talk about 5 different types of grace notes.

What are Grace Notes?

Grace notes are little quick notes played before your target notes which are mainly used to accent your target notes.

I think of grace notes more as articulations that notes.

When you see them written in music, it's the little tiny note that is written before the actual note.

Grace Notes

You'll see them all the time, as little notes (sometimes with strikes through them) to let you know that they are grace notes, and they are different from normal notes because they are not played in time.

Grace notes are fast notes—they are played pretty much as fast as you can play them into the target note.

Here's everything you need to know about grace notes on the saxophone.

The 5 Types of Grace Notes You Need to Know

The "One Note" Grace Note

In this type of grace note, you jump from a half-step below.

If you are playing an A on the alto saxophone, for instance, you come from the G below. You play the G into an A.

That's a "one note" grace note. A pretty simple concept.

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